You want a laid back lazy Sunday family lunch on a warm winter day or a romantic dinner on a sultry night,” Amour”, is the place for you. The name is apt. It takes you back to a Mediterranean dream or flirty Italian ambience.

The Roof Top ambience is beautiful with a panoramic view from its windows and the Grecian Patio.

The food specialises in Mediterranean and Italian cuisine. Our table boasted of a pitcher of fabulous Sangria to wash down The Mezze Platter, The Woodfired or Smoked Pizzas, Pasta and Risotto that seemed like homemade. My favourite though was Roesti or Rösti which was prepared from Hill potatoes, spring onions and charred summer greens with original Swiss cheese Fondue. Another tongue pleaser was Lasagne of roast vegetables and Pilati.

Chef Sanjeev needs a mention for his Mezze Platter.

To cater to the sweet tooth we ordered for Baklava style phyllo tart.

The food was splendid but the service needed to be spruced up.

Verdict a must-visit, be it with friends or a sweet rendezvous.
Amour The Patio Cafe and Bar

The Patio Cafe and Bar
The Patio Cafe and Bar