he first choice was Bukhara

Yesterday was my birthday, and as always the first choice was Bukhara. The food is an impresario of gourmet spectacles.  It was a pleasure to be a part of their 35Year Celebration. We felt like Edesia, the Roman Goddess of Food Who presides over banquets. Our selection was The famous Daal Bukhara, Paneer Khurchan, and Khasta vegetable amongst the assortment of other dishes. Food was finger-licking delicious. The variety that one can choose from, pleases the palate of every guest at Bukhara.

Everything was par exemplar, from serving champagne, vapor laden cake, luscious Gulab Jamun to the ambrosial Phirni, a sort of return gift. The royal music of the bagpipers was like icing on the cake. The experience at Bukhara will remain forever etched in the album of my memories. It is the sheer graciousness of everyone attending to us there, that draws us to Bukhara again and again and yet again.

Bukhara ITC Maurya Delhi

erving champagne , vapour laden cake, luscious gulabjamuns