The Road, once we are on it,

The Road, once we are on it, teaches us how to walk on it. On our way, we, at times scowl and at times smile at those we meet. We continue our journey with apprehension, trepidation, exhilaration, and a positive disposition.

After a while, we start running and observe that some have started running alongside, some, we leave behind, some move on. Then further down the road comes a diversion, some move on the road not taken by us, did it make a difference in our lives, perhaps not.

We continue running, but do slow down when the road gets narrow and winding with plenty of crossings. Not surprising, some moved away and some joined us. Time stays we run along and occasionally fling a look backward. It gives us a warm pleasure when we note that some wave at us, reminding us of the road we shared, not necessarily as friends but some even as mere acquaintances.

We look further up the road and walk or run on, there are bends, twists and at times a steep rise, but the best part is, that all of us eventually get there, where ever,’there’ is, for each one of us.

So many miles covered, we have come a long way indeed and some more miles still left in us to go on. We continue at our own individualistic pace and glance sideways, a pleasant gratitude overwhelms us. A silent thank you escapes us for all those who believed in us, or who were non-judgmental or those who forgave our foibles and follies and walked along with us, right from the beginning to the very end…..