Lockdown Diaries Weighty Issues

Lockdown Diaries Weighty Issues
I wish to share something with you with a heavy heart! Recently I faced an issue, the issue about weight and wait.

Since the lockdown one of my regular routines is cleaning the washrooms, and when I was going about the business of the same, I noticed that the clean water from the WC was escaping from the joint. So I pressed the panic button and decided to fix an appointment with Mr. Plumber without any procrastination.
Mr. Plumber refused to pay a visit and stood on his stand of refusal like the rock of Gibraltar. I think he needed to feel important, so after a lot of coaxing and cajoling eventually my persuasive skills paid off. He acceded to pay a visit. We took all the precautionary measures before he could enter our safe haven. Maintaining safe distance he headed for the washroom. Upon appearing distinguished and making a closer examination of the questionable item, his face had a deadpan expression, he waited for a monumental silence to give the situation gravity.
Mr. Plumber nodded his head as though a catastrophe had struck and passed his verdict. “Madam the WC is broken and you to replace it.”
When I asked him, what exactly was the problem, he expressed, “wajan ya bharee cheez Rakha the kya?”(Did you keep something heavy or put some weight on it?)
So I thought to myself, Matlab kya? Like, What? What is he implying…
I sat down to regurgitate this piece of information. I mulled over some issues such as I had not placed anything heavy on it, except for myself. So what does it mean! have I put on weight?
Well, I had just parked my fat arse on it. And… he says the WC broke huh!! of wajan…weight
Well Really huh!